Dear friends!

I’m very glad to introduce PsyGuard – a project on which we’re working since 2015.

The idea of PsyGuard was developed to create a trustful online platform for psychologists, allowing them to work with their clients in a safe environment, protecting professionals from fraud and giving clients an ability to have a good service with no dependency from the location they are in. The main purpose of creating PsyGuard platform is to increase use of the online tools, making services more accessible, and improve the quality of the services given online.

And here is the video of Pledge of Succes’s (the presenter is ) – a TV Program on Abovyan TV. where I with a good friend and colleague of mine Narine Tovmasyan-Abrahamyan are discussing PsyGuard (08 OCT 2016).

#PsyGuard – connecting psychologists and their clients
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