Here is my another paper on Anxiety Disorders – a case study of Cognitive Conceptual Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The selection and use of psychotherapeutic techniques is based on the idea that Uncertainty and  Intolerance of Uncertainty (as a personality trait) are one of the most important determinants of Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders. As a result of 3-month-length psychotherapy (10 sessions) the level of anxiety was reduced 83-85% ‒ from abnormal/high anxiety level to moderate anxiety level with tendency to low (TMAS) / mild anxiety (HAM-A).

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Citation: Бегоян А.Н. Когнитивно-концептуальная терапия генерализованного тревожного расстройства (анализ случая) // СМАЛЬТА, № 3, 2014; 77-82.

Cognitive Conceptual Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
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