bddRecelnty, I’ve published a paper in Russian on Psychology and Psychotherapy of Body Image Disorders. A case study of Cognitive Conceptual Therapy for Body Dysmorphic Disorder of a young woman is given in the paper. The treatment program was based on cognitive behavioral methodology, as well as on neuropsychosemantic and neuropsycholinguistic aspects of Body Image construction and pathogenesis. Based on the results we propose that this approach may significantly reduce the time of occurrence of the primary therapeutic effects/changes (after the first 4 weeks, instead of 12-16 weeks), as well as consolidate and preserve therapeutic effects/changes for a long term (minimum 12 months).

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Citation: Бегоян А.Н. Когнитивно-концептуальная терапия телесного дисморфического расстройства: анализ случая // Теория и практика психотерапии 2015, №5 (9). Стр. 38-48.

Psychotherapy for Body Image Disorders